When you are working with an ecommerce, you are in the business of pleasing the visual needs of the customers first. This is because most people choose to shop on ecommerce websites that are both easy to navigate, but also pleasing to look at. Here are a few sites for you to look at and get inspired by the way they were designed.

Leader Bag Co

This company has found a way to showcase a product that is considered to be unglamorous, aka the diaper bag, beautifully through gorgeous product photography. The ecommerce itself is a minimal, one page website whose main focus is to provide a very smooth experience for their customers.


Bellroy is a company that produces the Bellroy slim wallet. Since they produce a product which is meant to fix an issue, they have made sure to make a page specifically meant to show their customers how they do that by putting their slim wallet next to a regular one so that their customers can see the difference right there. The products on their ecommerce website are divided in two categories, to make things even easier for their customers.

Madsen Cycles

Even if you are not a cycling fan, this ecommerce will still probably lure you in. With its gorgeous product photographs and great website design overall, you are sure to stay and scroll through what they have to offer. The company also decided to add an Instagram widget on their ecommerce that give a friendly feel and allows the customers to get a behind-the-scenes look at the brand.


This is a company that uses their ecommerce website to sell golf equipment and is the perfect place for you to get inspiration from if you are after a design that is super responsive and packed with great quality, high resolution photos. The site also has videos that can help the customers decide what kind of golf club to buy, as well as updates and tweets.


Ednswell is a company that sells jewelry and something that is special about their ecommerce website is their Manifesto page and they have proved that it when opt to go for a manifesto on your website, it doesn’t have to be a very complicated one. Their manifesto is very simple, but it covers the past and present of the company, as well as their future plans which is more than enough. They also offer explanatory pictures for every piece of jewelry that show exactly how the pieces look.

Whether you choose to only look at one of these pages, or all five of them, if you can find even the tiniest bit of inspiration, then it is all worth it. Just remember to make sure your ecommerce website is visually pleasing so you can attract customer, but that it also has great content to keep those customers coming back.


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