In this age of cutthroat competition in the e-commerce world, no business can remain competitive without a robust online presence. A robust online presence means searchers can easily find your website online. For searchers to be able to find your website easily, your search ranking must be high enough, which means your e-commerce store should be found on the first page of Google. Google uses different metrics to determine site rankings and one of the key metrics today is great user experience. Great user experience ranges from high-value content, your e-commerce website’s design to speed. Today, we’re going to see how e-commerce website design increases your ecommerce website’s visibility:

E-commerce Website Design

• Size can negatively impact the performance of your e-commerce websites

Probably this is one aspect most web designers won’t divulge to you, but the size of your e-commerce website does impact its performance. Search engine spiders and crawlers find it daunting to index a heavy website. Aspects of your e-commerce solution such as size of your web pages, images, multimedia, and banner increase your website’s loading time. According to Google, a good loading page should be 0 to 2 seconds. If search engine spiders and crawlers come to index your e-commerce website and discover that pages load slowly, they will notify search engines and your site will lose out on user experience. The solution: Always use compressed images, embed videos from You Tube instead of plastering them on your e-commerce store, and keep unnecessary HTML errors at bay. Platforms like Shopify offer some of these e-commerce solutions for you!

• Frames are not ideal for your e-commerce solutions anymore

While frames offer greater flexibility when it comes to designing web pages, most website owners stay away from them. Frames make it hard for search engine crawlers and spiders to index your e-commerce website. On top of that, they make your site sloppy. In fact, a lot of search engines do not entertain frames in their ranking algorithm. If you’re looking to use frames in your e-commerce store, better stop that idea now. They will only affect your site’s visibility.

• Your e-commerce websites should come with a mobile ready design

This is a no-brainer rule before choosing an e-commerce solution. With more than two billion people using their mobile devices to search products and services, a sound web designer cannot ignore the mobile responsive design aspect.

• User experience is a critical factor to rank your e-commerce websites

User experience has made it to the top of Google’s search ranking metrics. When people hear about great user experience, what pops into their minds is elegant visual appeal of a website. There’s a big disparity between an elegant design and a great user experience. In fact, an extravagant design can impact your e-commerce website’s user experience. User experience goes beyond a website’s design. It also encompasses your e-commerce website’s navigation, structure, speed, content length and structure, and internal linking.

E-commerce Website Design• Investing in high-quality links for your e-commerce solutions

High-quality and relevant back links towards your e-commerce site is another aspect that will improve your e-commerce website’s visibility. Most first-time e-commerce website owners spend a lot of time sending out a series of low-quality links, which end up yielding nothing. It’s best to dedicate quality time and resources to send out authority links that align with your e-commerce brand. High-value link building will dramatically enhance your website’s visibility on the web.

• Graphic e-commerce websites can inhibit its search engine rankings

Most entrepreneurs don’t know about this, but search engine crawlers and spiders find it hard to rank graphics-based websites. Although Google did not entertain flash content some years back due to the absence of support for flash files, these days, they are very much available. Google entertains flash content now due to the Adobe’s searchable SWF library for Flash content and Java animations. Still, graphic content is not going to help your site ranking. The solution is to keep flash based content to a minimum and ensure they are light and compressed.